[Neos] TYPO3 Neos vs. Wordpress

Aske Ertmann aske at moc.net
Fri Jun 27 21:47:25 CEST 2014

Hi Simon

>> Questions:
>> a) how to render and crop an image with just pure typoscript?
>> myimage = TYPO3.Neos.NodeTypes:Image
>> myimage {
>> 	# asset expects an object here, so this is NOT working!
>> 	asset = 'resource://My.Test/Public/Images/1312625965257.jpg'
>> 	maximumWidth = 200
>> 	maximumHeight = 200
>> 	imageClassName = ''
>> }
> use the media:image view helper in your Fluid template use the TS values as parameters.

I’d like to chime in here. Currently there is no implementation of the image view helper available in TypoScript, but it definitely makes sense.

So implementing a TYPO3.Imagine:Image tag with a corresponding ImageImplementation which does the same as the imagine image view helper would be a way to solve it.

We did something similar for the TYPO3.TypoScript:UriBuilder..

It could be done by extracting some of the logic in the view helper into a service that both implementations could use.

You would have to add support for static resources as well, but that’s like two lines of code.

I know some improvements are in the works for improved image handling, but I don’t think these are included.

If you want to work on or help getting it done create a feature issue on http://jira.typo3.org/

As Robert mentioned it’s not about not wanting or planning to do the features, but rather a lack of people doing the work.

We’re trying to grow the amount of contributors to help this issue but it’s something we as a community has to work together for.

Best regards

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