[Neos] TYPO3 Neos vs. Wordpress

Robert Lemke robert at typo3.org
Mon Jun 23 23:45:52 CEST 2014

Hi Simon,

On 23. Jun 2014, at 23:22 , Simon Schaufelberger (Schaufi) <simonschaufi at guugelmail.de> wrote:

> I compare neos and wordpress quite a lot currently. I have a project, that is waiting to start but I am really not sure which system I should use. Wordpress would only be an option with an additional commercial framework, just using the core would be a nightmare. I am so much in love with TYPO3 that i would really love to use neos but I'm afraid, really afraid to use it currently.

Just in general: we designed Neos for purposes which go way beyond of what Wordpress will ever manage to support. In practice that means that while the platform (e.g. the content repository and TypoScript) are created with most of the features you mentioned in mind, there are still missing UI components or certain functions which actually make them happen. The reason that they are not included in Neos yet is not that we don't want / need them but the shear amount of work which had and has to be done in order to produce a proper foundation.

About the features you mentioned in detail:

> 1. Workspaces: I really don't understand the benefit of the workspaces. In wordpress you have a draft mode and a published mode of a page. Secondly, there is NO version control (history) like in wordpress.
> In Wordpress you can compare the versions and see the differences what has happened over time. This is a BIG missing feature in neos!

Most of the time editors will work on different parts of the website and if not, they should strive to publish more often or talk to their colleagues in order to avoid conflicts. That being said, we clearly miss notifications about potential conflicts and Diff functionality – both are planned though for the near future.

Workspaces really excel when you start using them in a workflow: editors push their changes to a workspace of a chief editor who publishes the result into a relaunch workspace which will eventually be published to live on December 24th. Something like that.

> I really wonder how this is currently done in production websites.

Editors plan together where they work on.

> 2. Media/Images: there is no way how i can see the px of the cropping while cropping the picture. I cannot even set the frame by hand. This works a lot better in wordpress! Do it like wordpress please! Also please include other effects like wordpress like rotate. The library "Imagine" has so much more to offer!

This is all planned and part of the new resource management / media management in Flow. While it's already very far in the making, I haven't come around to finish it.

> 3. Packages: Neos is loading Packages automatically that i have put/downloaded in the Applications folder. Sometimes Packages are not compatible and therefor break the whole website. I think Packages should NOT be loaded automatically (like in TYPO3 CMS) and MUST be activated by hand FIRST!

Neos and Flow are optimised for automated deployment and not for adhoc installation via FTP. That doesn't mean that your feature is not possible but that there wasn't a high priority yet to develop it.

> 4. TypoScript: how to unset a variable completely, not just the value?
> I use:
> prototype(TYPO3.Neos:Content) {
> 	attributes.class. at process.nodeType >
> }
> in my TS Templates. Now a lot of divs hang around with empty "class" attribute. How can i remove those empty class attributes?

prototype(TYPO3.Neos:Content) {
	attributes >

> Questions:
> a) how to render and crop an image with just pure typoscript?
> myimage = TYPO3.Neos.NodeTypes:Image
> myimage {
> 	# asset expects an object here, so this is NOT working!
> 	asset = 'resource://My.Test/Public/Images/1312625965257.jpg'
> 	maximumWidth = 200
> 	maximumHeight = 200
> 	imageClassName = ''
> }

use the media:image view helper in your Fluid template use the TS values as parameters.

> b) how to use the image viewhelper?
> this does NOT work as asset is expecting an object here but i just want to crop a static image.
> <media:image asset="resource://My.Test/Public/Images/1312625965257.jpg" alt="" maximumWidth="200" maximumHeight="200" />

AFAIK that currently doesn't work with static images

> c) how to use more features of "Imagine"? TYPO3 CMS is way better than what is currently possible with Neos.

a) implement them in TYPO3.Media and push a commit to Gerrit
b) ask another developer to do so
c) sponsor work on the new resource management
d) use TYPO3 CMS

> d) I want to integrate Zurb Foundation in the Nodetypes but I'm totally stuck with it. Can somebody help me? Some basics like to make it configurable from the backend to select/set "large-4 columns" within the multicolumn Nodetype. I have tried to extend 'TYPO3.Neos.NodeTypes:Column' but was not successfull at all.

My website is based on Zurb and I didn't stumble over any particular problem. I guess you need to look a bit closer into how node types work, maybe have a second look at how the Neos demo site is implemented.

> Probably more to come...
> PS: please install wordpress and checkout what these guys are doing and get inspired and make it even cooler in Neos! I know you can do it! TYPO3 Flow is the coolest framework i have seen so far. Do the same with Neos!

We certainly know how Wordpress works, or Adobe CQ or other CMSes. But there's only a certain amount of work we can do and we need to prioritise it. Remember that currently 100% of the development work on Neos is funded by the developers and their agencies.

Thanks for your feedback and all the best for you next steps with Neos,


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