[Neos] TYPO3 Neos vs. Wordpress

Simon Schaufelberger (Schaufi) simonschaufi at guugelmail.de
Mon Jun 23 23:22:01 CEST 2014

Hello dear community!

This thread is a feedback from an excited but unhappy TYPO3 Neos user.

I compare neos and wordpress quite a lot currently. I have a project, 
that is waiting to start but I am really not sure which system I should 
use. Wordpress would only be an option with an additional commercial 
framework, just using the core would be a nightmare. I am so much in 
love with TYPO3 that i would really love to use neos but I'm afraid, 
really afraid to use it currently.

Since I'm a developer, i am the one who needs to be happy as well, not 
just the end user.

Let me tell you some things I really don't like so far:

1. Workspaces: I really don't understand the benefit of the workspaces. 
In wordpress you have a draft mode and a published mode of a page. 
Secondly, there is NO version control (history) like in wordpress.
In Wordpress you can compare the versions and see the differences what 
has happened over time. This is a BIG missing feature in neos!

The next problem with workspaces is the following: I have 2 backend 
users. They work on the same page. No 1 is editing some text and just 
saves it to continue later. In the meantime No 2 is starting to work on 
the SAME content element and edit as well. No 2 DOES NOT SEE that No 1 
has already edited that content element. No 2 publishes the changes. No 
1 continues the editing process and publishes again. The next day No one 
is dead. Why? Because No 2 has shot him because ALL his changes are GONE!

I really wonder how this is currently done in production websites.

2. Media/Images: there is no way how i can see the px of the cropping 
while cropping the picture. I cannot even set the frame by hand. This 
works a lot better in wordpress! Do it like wordpress please! Also 
please include other effects like wordpress like rotate. The library 
"Imagine" has so much more to offer!

3. Packages: Neos is loading Packages automatically that i have 
put/downloaded in the Applications folder. Sometimes Packages are not 
compatible and therefor break the whole website. I think Packages should 
NOT be loaded automatically (like in TYPO3 CMS) and MUST be activated by 
hand FIRST!

There is also a bug about loading YAML files from deactivated packages 
but I will open a ticket for that.

4. TypoScript: how to unset a variable completely, not just the value?

I use:

prototype(TYPO3.Neos:Content) {
	attributes.class. at process.nodeType >

in my TS Templates. Now a lot of divs hang around with empty "class" 
attribute. How can i remove those empty class attributes?


a) how to render and crop an image with just pure typoscript?

myimage = TYPO3.Neos.NodeTypes:Image
myimage {
	# asset expects an object here, so this is NOT working!
	asset = 'resource://My.Test/Public/Images/1312625965257.jpg'
	maximumWidth = 200
	maximumHeight = 200
	imageClassName = ''

b) how to use the image viewhelper?

this does NOT work as asset is expecting an object here but i just want 
to crop a static image.

<media:image asset="resource://My.Test/Public/Images/1312625965257.jpg" 
alt="" maximumWidth="200" maximumHeight="200" />

c) how to use more features of "Imagine"? TYPO3 CMS is way better than 
what is currently possible with Neos.

d) I want to integrate Zurb Foundation in the Nodetypes but I'm totally 
stuck with it. Can somebody help me? Some basics like to make it 
configurable from the backend to select/set "large-4 columns" within the 
multicolumn Nodetype. I have tried to extend 
'TYPO3.Neos.NodeTypes:Column' but was not successfull at all.

Probably more to come...

PS: please install wordpress and checkout what these guys are doing and 
get inspired and make it even cooler in Neos! I know you can do it! 
TYPO3 Flow is the coolest framework i have seen so far. Do the same with 
Regards, Schaufi

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