[Neos] Is Neos suitable for me?

Dominique Feyer dfeyer at ttree.ch
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I think that Neos fit your needs ;) If you need an example for a magazine website build with Neos, check http://www.centurion-magazine.com/home.html (no custom plugin just configuration, except for search).

About the stability, version 1.1 focus on performance and stability, and the system is useable for a daily publishing process without major trouble. Thing will improve even more in the future. But we can say that we are quiet stable currently.

About package, any TYPO3 Flow package can be used. Unfortunately the TYPO3 CMS extension are not usable. A lots of custom package are useless, because of the configuration capabilities of Neos.

About the amount of visitor, I think 100-150’000 visitors per day, will require some varnish in front for any kind of CMS. Handling high load is always a challenge, and not always a CMS problem. Everything depend on your infrastructure and needs. As a magazine is more or less full of static page, having Varnish or any other HTTP cache in front sounds like the best solution. If you have a lots a dynamic page, the challenge is more complex.

If you need any help, your are welcome.


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Le 16 juillet 2014 à 23:50:04, Szabolcs Légrádi (szabolcs.legradi at gmail.com) a écrit:


We would like to create an online magazine with daily updated content and are experimenting with different content management systems. I am writing in hope to get affirmation that TYPO3 is suitable for us. The site would be similar to Woman's Day (womansday.com) with most of its functions.  

Neos looks really awesome, the content editor interface is perfect for journalists. I didn't find much documentation about packages, but if I am right I can install packages that are based on TYPO3 Flow, is that correct? Like the ones here: packagist.org/search/?q=typo3 - I saw that TYPO3 CMS has more than 6000 extensions, but I guess those are not compatible with Neos. The most important extensions would be a Forum, Blog, Ad Management. Are there premium, paid extensions?  

One more topic that is of interest to us is the stability. TYPO3 CMS looks mature and is used widely by big companies, but how stable is Neos? We are hoping to get 100-150.000 visitors per day and there will be times when an article will get published on several popular websites bringing in more visitors. Is it easily scalable, can it handle high loads?  

All comments are appreciated!  

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