[Neos] Taking l10n for a test drive

Kerstin Huppenbauer k.huppenbauer at web.de
Sun Feb 9 10:41:06 CET 2014

Hi Lienhart,

> Exception while rendering
> landingPage<TYPO3.Neos:Page>/
> body<TYPO3.TypoScript:Template>/
> parts/
> mainMenu:
> RoutePart::getValue() must return a string after calling RoutePart::resolve(), got boolean for RoutePart "TYPO3\Neos\Routing\LocalizedFrontendNodeRoutePartHandler" in Route "TYPO3 Neos :: Frontend :: Homepage". (201402081653497fe9b9)
> I added the Settings to my Settings.yaml file and translated the site with the command from README, but that didn't change anything. Then I did a prune and import according to README and translated the site again, no change.
> I debugged into LocalizedFrontendNodeRoutePartHandler and found out that the line
> $routePath = substr($routePath, 0, strrpos($routePath, ';'));
> in resolveRoutePathForNode() is the cause of the exception. $routePath is an empty string, therefore strrpos returns FALSE. In the end, $routePath is FALSE.
> I then had a look into the database. I noticed the the table typo3_typo3cr_domain_model_nodedimension is empty. That looks wrong to me, but running node:translate doesn't fill this table.
> Do you have any idea what I could now do to get this to run?

I had the same Exception and I think it's because the dimension array 
was empty. So I added a default locale to the ContentDimensions in
the Configuration of TYPO3.TYPO3CR and run the import command again. 
After that the items in the typo3_typo3cr_domain_model_nodedimension 
table were created too.
But the translate command didn't work yet. So I looked at the Behat
Scenario and removed 'mul_ZZ' from the locales array in the 
translationContext in the node command controller. After that the 
translate command worked for me.

Publishing of Text Changes in both locales worked, but publishing all 
changes after editing the node title throws an exception
SQLSTATE[23000]: Integrity constraint violation: 1062 Duplicate entry 
'96b61b5f6f2569cd6601c5eb0cfe45d6-live-8416eeb4c41f9f67db354333bb' for 
key 'UNIQ_60A956B92DBEC7578D94001992F8FB01'
which is the pathHash

Don't know what's going wrong there - the Behat tests are all successful
and i'm just a Neos newbee...

Greets Kerstin

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