[Neos] Indentation for lists, paragraphs, etc.

Jim Heckler james.heckler at gmail.com
Tue Dec 16 17:44:11 CET 2014

Hi Aske,

Thanks for your continued replies. Regarding 301 redirects, I think I need to explain myself better. Currently we're working on migrating a 2000+ page, 16 year old website to a CMS from a legacy WYSIWYG editor. We have established page ranks and presume that our user base has a lot of our pages bookmarked. Obviously once we migrate to a new CMS, all of our URLs are going to change and we risk losing our page rank within search engines. What we're looking for is a way to use 301 redirects so that when users go to old bookmarks, e.g. oursite.com/current/page/url.php, it redirects to the new page, e.g. oursite.com/newcms/new/page/url.php.

Ideally we could just batch process this with a list (CSV?) of old URLs that we want to redirect to new, valid URLs.

Hopefully this is a lot more clear. Sorry for any confusion. I'm only an amateur web developer in my spare time so sometimes I don't communicate my ideas as clearly as possible. Thanks for your continued help!


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