[Neos] Neos Project and my requirements

Simon Schaufelberger (Schaufi) simonschaufi at guugelmail.de
Fri Aug 1 21:57:55 CEST 2014

my replies in between. Thanx for your reply!

Regards, Schaufi

Am 01.08.2014 11:53, schrieb Marcin Ryzycki:
> Hi Simon,
> Quick reply, from the beginner - I don't have much experience with
> proper large projects build on Neos (yet!).
> Simon Schaufelberger (Schaufi) wrote:
>> 1. Forms. I know there is a form package available but as it looks, you
>> have to code every form, is that right? I need a form editor for
>> editors. They need to be able to add fields without any coder. I have
>> seen:
>> - https://github.com/lelesys/Lelesys.Plugin.ContactForm
>> - https://git.typo3.org/Packages/TYPO3.FormBuilder.git
>> Does anybody have some experience with them? Do they work with the
>> latest Neos version?
> Have a look at this:
> https://github.com/skurfuerst/TYPO3.FormBuilder
> https://github.com/krysy/Typo3.Formbuilder (based on the above)
> No experience with these, but looking forward to try them.

ok, will have a deeper look at them.

>> 2. Newsletter. I think this is the only resource which is available for
>> now:
>> - https://github.com/lelesys/Lelesys.Plugin.Newsletter
>> But compared to direct_mail a lot of things are still missing like
>> subscribing to categories (recipient lists), double opt in and opt out.
> I spent last 3 years in a company sending every day newsletters with
> premium content to their customer base - and I have built proprietary
> mailing system/builder for that. I don't know your exact case, but I
> would consider integrating with http://mailchimp.com/ or
> https://www.campaignmonitor.com/ - they probably have everything you
> need and the API is more then great. Building proprietary newsletter
> system is a big challenge and outsourcing it might be the
> quickest/cheapest option.

I know about mailchimp and their great system BUT I don't want to give 
them my data. I generally don't trust US companies because of their 
different privacy understanding. That is why I want to implement it by 
myself. As I said, something like direct_mail will totally fit for me.

>> 5. Contact person. No Plugin required here, just "global content
>> elements" (something like widgets in wordpress). I want to select a
>> contact person for a topic (in our case it will probably be a page).
>> This box will contain a picture and contact info. I just want to select
>> the name in a dropdown and have the box in my sidebar for example. I
>> know I have to create a node type for this but how can I make the
>> address data available globally? A "content slide" (display the same
>> content on sub pages as well without entering the data again) for sub
>> pages would also be really cool!
> Seems like trivial to implement.

not for me, I have no idea currently how.

>> 6. Protected (login) area. Is this currently possible? I have not yet
>> found a place to assign access groups to pages.
> Not via UI interface (but AFAIK it's being implemented), but from code -
> yes. See
> http://docs.typo3.org/flow/TYPO3FlowDocumentation/TheDefinitiveGuide/PartIII/Security.html

from my understanding this works only on application level (for 
packages) but not on nodes level (to protect page trees) but I might be 

>> 8. TypoScript 2. I need things like reading UserAgent, Referrer... (like
>> t3lib_div::getIndpEnv in CMS) for rendering different output for
>> different browsers. In TYPO3 CMS I would write:
> Depending on a use case (is it about large chunks of content? some
> settings? styles?) - you might go with JavaScript solution or do it in
> Flow/Neos. If the latter, you might want to wait for content dimentions
> (being implemented) which will offer this functionality even via
> interface (if you need it for content) or you can implement some simple
> helpers to have it in your views or EEL.

Don't know yet what to do with it, I just want to display personalized 
content. One scenario could be that if a person is searching on google 
for a keyword that I will show this person a different output than 
people who are just clicking through the website. Yes, I'm waiting for 
content dimensions and hope it will be awesome!

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