[Neos] Terminology: Hide vs. Show

Bastian Waidelich bastian at typo3.org
Mon Nov 25 17:13:25 CET 2013

Rasmus Skjoldan wrote:

Hi Rasmus,

>> My reasoning for this is that we want to focus on what the user is doing,
>> rather than what they are undoing. They are undoing hide, but what are they doing?
>> A few possibilities:
>> Publish
>> Show

Not sure whether I fully understand the suggestion.
We can't use "publish" because that is already a different connotation 
in Neos.

Re "Show": do you suggest to rename the "Hide"-checkbox to "Show" and 
have it checked by default? If we really go that path I'd suggest to 
call it "Visible" instead.

BTW: In TYPO3 CMS this is *not* called "hide" any more but "disable" and 
I think that this makes much more sense in fact.

An alternative would be to replace the checkboxes by buttons 
"disable"/"enable" (depending on the current status).

>> considering the title is "Visibility," using "Start Date" and "End Date."


Bastian Waidelich

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