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Rens Admiraal rens.Admiraal at typo3.org
Wed May 22 00:32:45 CEST 2013

+1 if this makes the history cleaner. although i also think we
 wouldn't have this issue of everybody used --rebase before
 pushing. but this enforces on the server level if i understand
 you right



Aske Ertmann <aske at moc.net> Wrote in message:
> Hello team
> I've thought about improving commit flow since I've been a little annoyed with all the merge commits we have in our history. Since Gerrit version 2.5 there has been a "Rebase change" feature, which automatically rebases the change if it capable of it. This allows for easing rebasing changes to avoid merge commits before submitting. Also Gerrit has a setting for only allowing submitting fast-forward changes. Therefore I propose that we set this to enforce only allowing changes that doesn't need a merge commit by Gerrit. This makes the history a lot cleaner and easy to get an overview of. It's not more hassle in my opinion and I have great experience using this in our company Gerrit installation. We already have a procedure of merging changes with votes from previous patch sets before a trivial rebase, so no need to adjust for that scenario. Also we don't use feature branches anyway so it's not like it would become less clear because of that AFAIK.
> So what do you guys think about trying that out? We could just to it for Neos packages first and then adapt it for Flow later on as we see fit.
> Greetings,
> Aske

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