[Neos] Event when Neos reloads content

Christian Müller christian.mueller at typo3.org
Mon Aug 26 08:41:11 CEST 2013

Hi Jan-Erik,

Jan-Erik Revsbech wrote:
> Hi all. I have a question I hope one of you awesome guys can helt me
> with. On a new Neos site I'm working on, I have a need to trigger some
> DOM manipulation via jQuery whenever the content is being reloaded by
> Neos (ie. saving a property in the inspector panel). Don't ask why:(

Why? ;) Well probably some JS init...

>  From what I kan see with my very limited knowledge of the Neos backend,
> an event is triggered via that.trigger('pageLoaded') in Application.js,
> but I have no idea about how to catch that event anywhere. And I might
> not even be on the right track here.

That is correct. The problem is that this event "pageLoaded" is 
triggered on an object that is purely internal and not accessible from 
the outside. I think that has to change to allow exactly what you want 
because that will be a common usecase with JS enriched websites.

> So the question is: Is it possible to register a callback function or
> otherwise "hook in" whenever the pagecontent is relaoded by Neos?

So from what I see it is currently not possible but we should change that.

> Regards
> Jan-Erik Revsbech


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