[Neos] To use or not to use TYPO3 Neos for my purpose

chris Wolff chris at connye.com
Fri Aug 16 12:23:51 CEST 2013

Hi Lorenz,
as i unerstand it a site in Neos is bound by domain records. if you
have a multi language site you could setup domain records as folowing:

site1 (englisch)

site2 (german)

then you have to redirect a german customer to de.mysite.tld

im not quite sure what  the current status of content translation
(single tree aproach) is in neos.

therefore it might be easier to have a single tree with Translaton of
the content to different translations but as i said im not quite shure
if thats currently possible in Neos

here is a link to the commandline refrence for creating domain records in Neos

regards chris

2013/8/16 Lorenz Ulrich <lorenz-typo3 at visol.ch>:
> Hi there
> Is there anyone who can help out with my questions?
> In the meanwhile I decided to install Neos and try it anyway. My questions
> are still the same.
> In particular I don't know how to set up a multilanguage site. Do I generate
> two Sites, one for german, one for english? Having two sites, I didn't find
> out how to switch between the sites. One of the sites is active (has a
> tree), the other is inactive and I don't know how to switch.
> Thanks for your support.
> Best regards,
> Lorenz
> Am 05.08.2013 23:05, schrieb Lorenz Ulrich:
>> Hi there
>> So far I have been using TYPO3 CMS for all the websites I've built
>> (okay, right after using Microsoft FrontPage :-)). I've been following
>> the progress of Phoenix/Neos since the beginning and now I have a
>> possible opportunity to get my hands dirty with. I'm building a small,
>> private site and thought it might be a very good opportunity to learn
>> how to integrate Neos.
>> But since I won't be the only one editing the site I would be grateful
>> for a small reality check concerning the project's requirements:
>> - AFAIK the multi language handling is not yet integrated. Is it easily
>> possible to have two root nodes, one for the english and one for the
>> german version and route to the language according to browser locales?
>> - Is it possible somehow to integrate small picture galleries into the
>> website just as you can do it with the CMS "Text w/Image" element and a
>> lightbox JavaScript? Or would I need a custom Package to achieve this?
>> - Are simple tables working in the current content editing?
>> - Will I be able to update the current master to 1.0 stable without a
>> lot of work?
>> By the way: When searching for a Demo I realized that almost every Neos
>> demo found in Google is either outdated or not working properly. Maybe
>> it would be good to maintain an own Demo server.
>> Thanks a lot for your advice and best regards,
>> Lorenz
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