[TYPO3-50-general] git and a Package Repository

Martin Klepsch martinklepsch at googlemail.com
Fri May 28 14:26:08 CEST 2010

Git isn't meant to be used through a GUI.
The initial learning curve might be hard, but once you are comfortable with
it, it's really really simple & logical.
Feel free to send me an email if you have questions.

- martin

2010/5/28 Jigal van Hemert <jigal at xs4all.nl>

> Michael Sauter wrote:
>> On 27.05.10 15:49, Thomas Fritz wrote:
>>> 2010/5/27 Martin Klepsch<martinklepsch at googlemail.com>
>>>  I'm glad that this question comes up again.
>>>> I'm not contributing to TYPO3 / FLOW3 at the moment but I can confirm
>>>> that
>>>> Git/Github enables more people to really influence the project.
>>>> The whole fork/merge/cherry-pick workflow would be a huge benefit for
>>>> the
>>>> community.
>>>> Recently I discovered a script that lets you cherry-pick a commit by
>>>> pasting
>>>> the Github URL<http://github.com/adamv/dotfiles/blob/master/bin/gh-pick
>>>> >.
>>>> To me Git/Github is the way how open source should work.
>>> +1
>> +1
>> At least for Git ... Github is nice too, but I'm happy with other
>> solutions as well. Gerrit sounds good, haven't worked with it yet though.
>> I also think the current way with SVN is hindering contribution. It was
>> okay while there have been no distributed VCS, but IMHO it's time to move on
>> now ...
> -1 For git.
> The last few weeks I've been trying to get things working. I have had no
> problems making patches for core issues using TortoiseSVN on my Windoze
> machine, but git has driven me mad so far.
> There is a Win32 port which looks like TortoiseSVN, but it isn't working
> correctly. msysGit could be installed, but failed to get the stuff back to
> the online repository.
> So far it has cost me too many hours, which I could have spent coding and
> fixing things.
> Unless support for each OS is available with easy tools which make it
> easier and not harder for a developer to contribute code, git is not (yet)
> the way to go for me.
> And maybe I should have spent more time getting to know git, but on the
> other hand starting to use SVN took me hardly any time...
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