[TYPO3-50-general] New templating system?

"Duch (aka. Grégory Duchesnes)" typo3 at ilomedia.net
Tue Mar 23 10:38:09 CET 2010

Le 23 mars 2010 à 08:51, Michael Sauter a écrit :

> On 22.03.10 20:01, Gregory Remington wrote:
>> Duch makes some very good points here regarding classical projects and
>> team work! Most "web agencies" I know work this way.
> Yes, good point! Haven't thought about this.
> But of course you could provide people how work like this with a solution that works like TV: Let people map objects onto HTML files and generate a FLUID template from it.
> But IMHO it is faster to learn FLUID. How long would it take to learn, say, 3 tags and how to output variables? 1 hour?

That's exactly the point, even if Fluid is going to be used internally it does not prevent to bring an easy point and click mapping system to the developer that would generate the Fluid template and make their work easier.

I proposed Firebug because i was my favorite choice but it could be anything else, the point is "do we need a mapping system"? People i work with and I can perfectly leave without it but we are experienced developers and it is certainly different for others.

>> Another thing we have to consider are large corporate clients, like
>> Cisco WebEx, who are using TYPO3 sites extensively built on TemplaVoila.
>> What are they going to have to "pay" to migrate to TYPO3 5.0's new HTML
>> based templating system? What happens to web agencies responsible for
>> maintaining high profile TemplaVoila sites like WebEx as we near TYPO3
>> v5.0?
>> http://webex.com has been relying on TYPO3 and advanced implementations
>> of TemplaVoila since 2007 as seen here in this article by the founder of
>> AOE media GmbH, Kian T. Gould.
>> http://typo3.org/fileadmin/t3n/articles/t3n_nr16_cisco_webex.pdf
>> "Novel FCE Conzept
>> For the conversion to TYPO3 it was not only necessary to create a
>> completely new architecture, but to implement a new concept for Flexible
>> Content Elements (FCE) as well. With the help of an especially developed
>> Advanced Template Wizard it was possible to achieve complete freedom in
>> implementing the corporate designs for the internet as well as an easy
>> way to maintain the websites. The new and extended template wizard
>> completely overwrites the previous standard settings of the
>> TemplaVoilà-Wizard and offers a multitude of new functionality for the
>> editor at the same time."
>> Gregory Remington
> Hmm sounds like they made their own custom solution ... in this case it's always hard to build a bridge to a new system. But for standard TV, you could build a converter from TV Mappings + HTML files to FLUID templates.
> (That's all sepculating FLUID templates will be used ... who knows?)
> - Michael
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