[TYPO3-50-general] New templating system?

Michael Sauter mail at michaelsauter.net
Tue Mar 23 08:51:39 CET 2010

On 22.03.10 20:01, Gregory Remington wrote:
> Duch makes some very good points here regarding classical projects and
> team work! Most "web agencies" I know work this way.

Yes, good point! Haven't thought about this.
But of course you could provide people how work like this with a 
solution that works like TV: Let people map objects onto HTML files and 
generate a FLUID template from it.
But IMHO it is faster to learn FLUID. How long would it take to learn, 
say, 3 tags and how to output variables? 1 hour?

> Another thing we have to consider are large corporate clients, like
> Cisco WebEx, who are using TYPO3 sites extensively built on TemplaVoila.
> What are they going to have to "pay" to migrate to TYPO3 5.0's new HTML
> based templating system? What happens to web agencies responsible for
> maintaining high profile TemplaVoila sites like WebEx as we near TYPO3
> v5.0?
> http://webex.com has been relying on TYPO3 and advanced implementations
> of TemplaVoila since 2007 as seen here in this article by the founder of
> AOE media GmbH, Kian T. Gould.
> http://typo3.org/fileadmin/t3n/articles/t3n_nr16_cisco_webex.pdf
> "Novel FCE Conzept
> For the conversion to TYPO3 it was not only necessary to create a
> completely new architecture, but to implement a new concept for Flexible
> Content Elements (FCE) as well. With the help of an especially developed
> Advanced Template Wizard it was possible to achieve complete freedom in
> implementing the corporate designs for the internet as well as an easy
> way to maintain the websites. The new and extended template wizard
> completely overwrites the previous standard settings of the
> TemplaVoilà-Wizard and offers a multitude of new functionality for the
> editor at the same time."
> Gregory Remington

Hmm sounds like they made their own custom solution ... in this case 
it's always hard to build a bridge to a new system. But for standard TV, 
you could build a converter from TV Mappings + HTML files to FLUID 
(That's all sepculating FLUID templates will be used ... who knows?)

- Michael

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