[TYPO3-50-general] New templating system?

Simon Browning simon at seethroughweb.com
Mon Mar 22 16:32:36 CET 2010

Yeah, I'm not quite getting FLUID or how it fits in to site mapping 
either.  Looking at the documentation 
(http://flow3.typo3.org/documentation/manuals/fluid/index/) it seems 
that it is mostly about templating extensions.  Am I wrong here?

We very much like TV because a simple site can be set up very quickly, 
in a point & click manner, with only a little TS required.  You can 
build on that knowledge to build much more sophisticated sites.

We actually just started putting together a video series for some new 
staff we're bringing on, as well as any other designers/integrators 
looking to adopt TYPO3

Using the wizard:

Adding an additional content area:

Adding a flexible content element:

Formatting the editors back-end page:

On 22/03/2010 10:54 AM, Thomas Fritz wrote:
> 2010/3/22 Michael Sauter<mail at michaelsauter.net>
>>   You are absolutely right, mapping is a complicated stuff, but IMHO, you
>>> are wrong to state that using Fluid would be a more simple approach. Fluid
>>> requires new technical knowledge where existing techniques such as
>>> TemplaVoilà only require HTML knowledge and a little Typoscript therefore it
>>> is not much simpler to newbies.
>> I would say the opposite is true ;)
>> To me, FLUID is very easy for beginners, because it does not add new syntax
>> (okay, there is the shorthand syntax, but ...). It's like learning a couple
>> of new HTML tags. Much easier than learning TypoScript, especially to
>> someone who does templates and is not a developer.
> I do not know TypoScript and i do not know FLUID. I only SAW the syntax in
> documentations and so... And i have to say that i feel much more comfortable
> with FLUID and i think it is easier to learn IMHO, because of its HTML like
> Syntax. Just wanted to share my feeling about that...
>>   I must admit that the approach i'm presenting is more 4.x oriented, and by
>>> the way it is not really an "approach" since it is already up and running.
>>> So it is more 4.x oriented but still i wanted to share the idea of using the
>>> power of Firebug with you.
>> Yes, I think my approach is based a lot on the concept of models like we
>> have them in FLOW3.
>>   I'm one of those guy who don't like to re-invent the wheel and like to use
>>> good stuffs if they already exist ;-)
>> Very true, but often good things come from taking something that is out
>> there and redo it to make it better. Anyway, I don't feel my solution is
>> reinventing at all - it only puts together concepts that are already out
>> there and that will be familiar to most people dealing with TYPO3 v5 (only
>> FLUID knowledge needed)
> It may some kind offtopic. I have no experience with TypoScript nor FLUID
> nor TemplateViola. Does FLUID supersede TypoScript or how do they relate to
> each other? Does FLOW3 needs TypoScript? Or is it Typo3 related as the name
> implies?
>   Kind regards

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