[TYPO3-50-general] New templating system?

Michael Sauter mail at michaelsauter.net
Mon Mar 22 15:35:31 CET 2010

> You are absolutely right, mapping is a complicated stuff, but IMHO, you are wrong to state that using Fluid would be a more simple approach. Fluid requires new technical knowledge where existing techniques such as TemplaVoilà only require HTML knowledge and a little Typoscript therefore it is not much simpler to newbies.

I would say the opposite is true ;)
To me, FLUID is very easy for beginners, because it does not add new 
syntax (okay, there is the shorthand syntax, but ...). It's like 
learning a couple of new HTML tags. Much easier than learning 
TypoScript, especially to someone who does templates and is not a developer.

> I must admit that the approach i'm presenting is more 4.x oriented, and by the way it is not really an "approach" since it is already up and running. So it is more 4.x oriented but still i wanted to share the idea of using the power of Firebug with you.

Yes, I think my approach is based a lot on the concept of models like we 
have them in FLOW3.

> I'm one of those guy who don't like to re-invent the wheel and like to use good stuffs if they already exist ;-)

Very true, but often good things come from taking something that is out 
there and redo it to make it better. Anyway, I don't feel my solution is 
reinventing at all - it only puts together concepts that are already out 
there and that will be familiar to most people dealing with TYPO3 v5 
(only FLUID knowledge needed)

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