[TYPO3-50-general] Typo3 5 and Multilanguage-Support

Andreas Prucha ancpru at gmx.net
Wed Feb 11 12:01:05 CET 2009

> I'd like to see better fallbacks. eg I want to store stuff for "de" with
> only occasional variants for "de-AT" and "de-CH". Ususally "language
> packs" are bound to a complete locale, but for German it'd be great if
> there was a German pack with only "add-ons" for Austria or Switzerland
> (though the Swiss might complain about the ß). I guess that this makes
> also sense for eg fr-BE

Hi Martin,

I 2nd that. And I think, this problem is not uncommon for other big languages, too: en_UK, en_US, en_AU ...

Binding content to language *and* countries might offer great flexibility:

Just imagine a simple page for a company with departments in AT, DE, CH, UK, US):

Home (en, de)
  Products(en, de)
  Contact Form (en_US, en_UK, de_DE, de_AT, de_CH)

This could be done even more flexilble, if we do not just bind to common language/country-pairs, but give the user to define whatever combination he wants. For example:

  Contact Form (en_US, en_UK, en_DE, en_AT, en_CH, de_DE, de_AT, de_CH)

This brings me to the idea, that content could be assigned to *multiple* languages. At the moment we have the possibility to assign (all) or one of the defined languages. Why not give the author the ability to select, which language(s) and countrie(s) his content applies to?


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