[TYPO3-50-general] Technical concepts for TYPO3 v5 backend

Martin Kutschker masi-no at spam-typo3.org
Sat Feb 7 22:56:39 CET 2009

Thomas Allmer schrieb:
>> So I think that you have to rethink the whole UI to make a reasonable
>> workflow possible without JS. And even then it'll be hard work to
>> determine how a user shall make relations without pop ups to select
>> records etc
> nothing bad about popups but why not just link to a full page with the
> content - so it works with plain html and if you have js, make a popup
> or some magic and pull only the relevant code.

I was thinking of a scenario like this: we're in a form to edit a
record. This record has a field which value is a page (page id in 4.x
terms). Now in 4.x we have a little pop-up that shows a page tree to
select a page. How do you propose that the page id is entered without
the help of some JS?

One idea is that the editor opens up a new windows all by himself and
uses some kind of search feature that tells him the page id he has to
enter. Or maybe there is a button/link next to the field that opens this
window (the alt/title attributes make clear what will happen).

Anway, there is all kind of stuff you can do nowadays with JS to get a
decent and powerful UI. I can imagine that you can many fields in a
retro way with many boring server-client round-trips, but I guess that
there are limits. How shall an RTE field work without JS? Do you suggest
to use only RTEs with a limited feature set that BBcode and friends offer.

How about creating HTML mockups for the many field types a CMS offers?
If you really care about this progressive enhancement stuff then the JS
is secondary, because *everything* must work without JS. So IMHO the
works has to be done with the basics, that is plain HTML. After that the
icing with JS may come in.


PS: Forms are not everything. The whole UI has to be planned from
scratch. An idea I've heard so far is to make it "task oriented". Eg if
you wnat to create a news entry you have to go to Web>List and add a
record. How does that work out for a blind. Probably not well.

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