[TYPO3-50-general] Technical concepts for TYPO3 v5 backend

Thomas Allmer at at delusionworld.com
Fri Feb 6 14:47:21 CET 2009

Martin Kutschker wrote:
> I'd love to see that. But I cannot imagine how it should work. Even if
> you take the JS away from the current 4.x UI, it's probably not very
> easy to use with a screen/braille reader. 

don't think of 4.x UI - that's impossible, but with v5 it could be 
> Many features and UI elements
> make probably only sense when you can see them. [...]

that's why there is alt tag or just use <span>Help</span> and replace it 
for people with css to an image (like I did in my example)
There are ways where you don't need to add much extra time to make it 
work - it might not be perfect but it works.

> So I think that you have to rethink the whole UI to make a reasonable
> workflow possible without JS. And even then it'll be hard work to
> determine how a user shall make relations without pop ups to select
> records etc

nothing bad about popups but why not just link to a full page with the 
content - so it works with plain html and if you have js, make a popup 
or some magic and pull only the relevant code.


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