[TYPO3-50-general] Technical concepts for TYPO3 v5 backend (was: extJS Library)

Denyer Ec denyerec at gmail.com
Tue Feb 3 12:25:52 CET 2009

The potential for consistent UI elements is great, and some of the
ExtJS controls look like they could be of great use in a TYPO3 V.x.x
backend. However (And be honest, you knew this was coming...) what
kind of impact do these controls have on the accessibility of the
backend? Right now I don't think many CMS's boast a truly or even
partially accessibility-friendly administration interface. Whilst it
is something that only impacts a small minority of users, it does have
an impact. However cumbersome, non JS or "HTML Only" interfaces are at
least navigable using any assistive technology.

Have the JS interfaces come a long way in this field since I last
investigated them? Is BE accessibility a concern for the new version
of TYPO?

One would think that a BE that was operable in plain HTML and then
enhanced with fancy controls would be preferable on many levels to one
that existed only as the output of a JS library. Of course, this will
already have been thought of but I'm just hinking aloud.

(As an extension to this thought, will the upcoming system allow
someone to, for example, code a "Mobile Phone" BE interface? If it's
tied to a library that generates compontents that are only teally
usable on a normal screen, will this roadblock such a development?)

Simple thoughts from a simple user :)

Kind regards,


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