[TYPO3-50-general] Beer3, really a good solution?

Sebastian Kurfürst sebastian at typo3.org
Sat Oct 25 21:07:09 CEST 2008

Hi Georg,

thanks for sharing your opinion!

> I am not really a PHP pro and don't know all the other projects you
> looked at and I really like the old template style with the subparts &
> markers and that stuff, especially because I didn't know php at the
> beginning.
My main problem with the old templating system is the following:
- Try to render a list of something (where you need a for-loop)  
without manually always rendering every part / write it by hand in  
Extension PHP code
- You always have to mix up Templating logic and "controller" logic,  
as we really don't make this separation in standard v4 Extensions.

Besides, you don't have to understand PHP at all to write a template  
(in beer3)! I think the tag-based syntax really helps for everybody  
coming from a HTML background, not to mention code completion, ...

> - There are so many cases where you just would need an additional
> if/else, an extra counter and so on and this is so easy having php  
> there!
Yep, but it will be really easy with custom view helpers as well :-)  
(Most proboably there will already exist a view helper for what you  
are trying to archieve)

> - If you got an extra need, you can always do everything (or many
> things) inside the template without extra changes to the code.
Same here. You can just write your own view helpers in your custom  
package and include them in whatever template you want.

> So there
> is no problem taking those changes to another project because the  
> change
> is just in your own template files.
I think this works as well with beer3 - except it is cleaner: You can  
re-use the template files and the View Helpers you wrote so far.

> - Everybody who works with TYPO3 should know php, so this language is
> already learned. Why a new language for the same things?
Exactly :-) That's why the view helpers are written in (easy) PHP and  
the template is HTML, with some small extra tags.

As soon as you realize that you can easily write your own view helpers  
(== your custom tags), it should be really easy to use all this.

> I really know security is a big deal and I appreciate those concerns  
> but
>    if people can't "hack" into the templates, they just will do it
> somewhere in the other code. IMO a code or a project won't get saver  
> by
> just disabling bad code in one place.
I think we want to *educate* people that "hacking the view" is a bad  
way to do it, and the alternatives we provide are cleaner, and still  
very easy to use in most cases.

Thanks again for your opinion!


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