[TYPO3-50-general] Problems with PHP5.3alpha on windows + FLOW3 - 500 Internal Server Error (don't use backslash in path)

Sebastian qoo-ooq at gmx.de
Mon Oct 6 12:38:27 CEST 2008

Hey :D !

In general I followed a mix of the instructions of Malte Jansen, Tim 
Eilers and Bastian Waidelich.

(>> The following also solved the 500 Internal Server Error for me <<)

I hope I didn't forget anything. Here comes a 

- Extract the Xampp-binaries to a folder e.g. "C:\xampp"
- Download latest binaries of PHP5.3 for windows 
- Extract the PHP-binaries to a folder e.g. "C:\xampp\php53alpha\"
- _Copy_ all DLLs to "C:\xampp\apache\bin\"
- File "C:\xampp\apache\conf\extra\httpd-xampp.conf"
  Change path of "LoadModule php5_module" to 
- Then open the php.ini ("C:\xampp\bin\php.ini") and edit some stuff
[#extension=php_mbstring.dll] to [extension=php_mbstring.dll]
- Change all "\" to "/" in each path and "" to '' so that you have these lines
session.save_path = 'C:/xampp/tmp'
extension_dir = 'C:/xampp/php53alpha/ext'
include_path = '.;C:/xampp/php/pear'
upload_tmp_dir = 'C:/xampp/tmp'
session.save_path = 'C:/xampp/tmp'
mime_magic.magicfile = 'C:/xampp/php/extras/magic.mime'
zend_extension_ts = 'C:/xampp/php/zendOptimizer/lib/ZendExtensionManager.dll'
zend_extension_manager.optimizer_ts = 'C:/xampp/php/zendOptimizer/lib/Optimizer'
and because of problems with browscap, you have to comment it's line
;browscap = "C:\xampp\php\browscap\browscap.ini"

Re-/Start Apache and it should work...

Of course you should/can also change the path to your htdocs-folder in the
File "C:\xampp\apache\conf\httpd.conf"

Explanation for the backslash to slash action in the php.ini by Bastian Waidelich
"It seems php 5.3alpha handles ini files differently. In the line
    include_path = ".;C:\xampp\php\pear\"
the last backslash escaped the quote, so everything after this line 
would go into include_path and other settings are ignored.
Solution: use double backslashes (\\) or forward slashes (/) instead of 
one backslash."

Also I found out that \t makes trouble too (like in C:\xampp\tmp), so best not to use backslash at all

I had the 500 Internal Server Error too, which was fixed by making the 
slash and quotes changes but now I have
*#1219326502: Could not connect to DSN "sqlite:C:/Dokumente und 
Einstellungen/Chaos/workspace/Flow3_PDT/Data/Persistent/TYPO3CR.db". PDO 
error: could not find driver* (More information 

F3::TYPO3CR::StorageException thrown in file
C:\Dokumente und 
in line 61.

So next thing for me to do is try this solution by Karsten Dambekalns
Use the TYPO3CR setup tool by going to <host and path>/typo3cr/setup/


Horn Gábor schrieb:
> Thanks Sebastian,
> it's great to have some nice documented guide. I did all the steps u 
> wrote and i have a working apache with php 5.3 alpha on windows. Could 
> you guys pls point me where i can find docs about how to continue to 
> have a working t3v5 / flow3? I found 
> http://forge.typo3.org/wiki/extension-gimmefive
> I did teh 1st step and checkout-ed typo3v5, but as i see there is an 
> install.sh in it which is for linux. I guess i need to setup/populate 
> some initial db and maybe do other steps to have a working t3v5 / flow3 
> before continue to "install gimmefice as usual with EM". Can i found 
> some info for windows installation anywhere pls?
> thanks, Gábor Horn
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