[TYPO3-50-general] Contributing to TYPO3 v5 / FLOW3: License Agreement

Martin Kutschker martin.kutschker-n0spam at no5pam-blackbox.net
Mon May 5 14:00:36 CEST 2008

Robert Lemke schrieb:
> But speaking about the Association selling licenses: I as a developer 
> wouldn't have any problem if the T3A sold licenses and therefore has more means 
> to support the TYPO3 community

More money for the Association is fine

 > as long as TYPO3 is still available under a GPL (or
> the like) license.

But what that hypothetical licence cover? Just the same code as the GPL 
version with the only "benefit" that it can be used in a closed-source 
environment? I guess I'm fine with such a scenario, but I don't like 
"open source" business models where the free version is some basic stuff 
while the real deal has to be paid for. Granted, that's usually the case 
when the code is not community driven.

 > For me it's the same as if I donated money to the FSF or a similar
> organisation

Not quite and I think you can already donate money, can't you?


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