[TYPO3-50-general] Skinning Api for 5.0

JoH asenau info at cybercraft.de
Thu May 3 18:45:36 CEST 2007

> after talking to Robert on the DevDays offering my help with some
> Designstuff for 5.0 ... by the way i?ll still have to mail you
> robert,.. ;-)
> i just thought about a tremendous problem everyone of us knows,... we
> ain?t got any skinning api in 4.0 that works for BE as well as for FE,
> so at any time one writes a module for BE he has to "invent" his own
> style and html,...

Take a look at this one and the following sections 6.2, 6.3, 6.4 and 6.5


it's all there but unfortunately nobody seems to be using it.

> can we do some about this,... please,.. it would be nice if there
> would
> be some kind of api for forms , tables and all that other stuff like
> buttons, colors ans so on,..
> that way we would be able to create an BE CI of Typo3 and to make
> Developing much easier.
> just my two cents,..

So IMHO it's not about the API but about a better communication, that there
is this API and how to use it properly. Currently it's just Chapter 6 of a
document that is using the common name "Core API". So maybe it would be
better to move this to an own documentation file which is about skinning

And of course it would be wise to create a backend based on pure HTML
without any hardcoded styles and/or images so that one can easily switch to
another skin just by pointing to another path containing individual CSS

Icons should be <a>-Tags with background images instead of <a><img></a> and
if you still want to use tables you should get rid of cellpadding,
cellspacing and borders.

The rest is relatively easy to handle if you are experienced in CSS.


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