[TYPO3-50-general] Typo Wiki CSS overhaul

Ingmar Schlecht ingmar at typo3.org
Wed Mar 28 14:02:24 CEST 2007

Hi Denyer,

Denyer Ec wrote:
> If the trac versions are the same then I see no reason why the CSS
> can't be freely copied around.
> I think the main pitfall would be getting the versions confused, so
> the little "5.0.Development"  logo/text top right may well turn into
> the version/identification for whichever site you're on. Easy enough,
> as it's just a simple change to the GIF.


> As for Mantis, I've never heard of or seen it, but I'm sure once Trac
> is in a reasnoble condition visually I can take a crack at that too.

Mantis is what we use at bugs.typo3.org, but I guess that's already
reasonable styled, so no need to worry about that.


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