[TYPO3-50-general] I can't see AJAX anywhere?

Elmar Hinz elmar07 at googlemail.com
Thu Jul 26 02:36:38 CEST 2007

dan frost wrote:

> This is from experience.
> We used xajax for approx 1 year across most of our projects and then
> started playing with Prototype. Of course, to use Prototype in PHP you
> need to build the server-side but the implementation on the client-side
> is more elegant in Prototype than Xajax.
> I'm afraid I take your comments about buzz words with a pinch of salt
> because of my above comment.
> Also, I add more salt because I can't believe you're suggesting not
> using client-side processing. Accessibility or not - what about the huge
> trends towards using Ajax and other client-side processing (see post on
> google gears).
> My suggestion:
> - prototype for Ajax. Easier and quicker to implement. Cross-browser
> event handling etc.
> - Simple, custom Ajax server.
> It's not a huge issue really. But I'm surprised at the out-dated
> comments about client-side coding..
> cheers,
> dan]

Hi Dan,

the critic on client side coding isn't out-dated today and it will not be
outdated 10 years ahead. The problem is a principle one. Clientside coding
simply requires a reliable monoculture of clients, that isn't developing
any more. DOM brought a lot of convergence, but the amount of web clients
is growing again and new devices are arriving. 

Think of forms in PDF. Think of flash. Think of FO. Think of iPhono as the
first messanger of the range of future web devices. To plan V5 for a
monoculture of web clients is IMHO not very foresighting. I would rather
tend ot call it negligent.

Certainly. Client-side coding is lazy doing. It's economic for projects for
your small customers that are content, if the homepage can be accessed by
95% percent of the visitors. But hey, that's not the target group of TYPO3.
Our customers request 99.99.% reliability.

I am not against the use of prototype and friends. Javascript libraries are
nice add-ons today. They offer useful functionality for closed areas and
for specialized target groups. But by principle they can't serve as the
fundament for large, long term solutions. Server side logic will always be
the safe way. It will stay as the fundament that can't be dropt.

xajax is an early, and meanwhile very old tool. But it's not impossible to
design easy server side ajax. The road to go for V5 is to make server side
ajax libraries as simple to use as client side javascript. There shouldn't
be additional work at all. I imagine serverside ajax rather as a part of
the 5V object library. A technoloty that works transparently for the
developes and users, without additional efforts to make.



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