[TYPO3-50-general] Designers wanted! CSS for online documents

Elmar Hinz elmar.DOT.hinz at team.MINUS.red.DOT.net
Mon Feb 12 21:02:40 CET 2007

Hi all,

during the last monthes I learned to speed up documentation writing by
using restructured text, the documentation language of Python. 



I can use it to write *Emails*, to write into *Trac Wiki* and to write
*TYPO3 documentation*. I can export it from VIM directly as HTML, wich I
then paste into Openoffice. I can even link my extensions *log files* and
*source files* directly into the manual, so that they are always


It would be a very cool feature, if TER would convert RST automatically to

	manual.rst => manual.sxw

That would give the most productive Documentation System. 

I know that chances are very low to get this, cause there are other
priorities. Who knows? It may happen that somebody is interestet for
some personal reason to set up such a system on typo3.org.

Try it online

Simply copy the text of this mail into the online Renderer to get it as




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