[TYPO3-50-general] phpCRJackrabbit status & progress...

Martin Kutschker Martin.Kutschker at n0spam-blackbox.net
Thu Nov 30 19:06:50 CET 2006

Robert Lemke schrieb:
> Hi Martin,
> Martin Kutschker schrieb:
>> So it's not a Jackrabbit but a JAVA CR bridge?
> Yes and no:
> Yes – theoretically it's a JCR bridge because all JSR-170 compliant CRs 
> implement the standard interfaces.
> No – we'll have to add some functionality to the API, for example for 
> the management of Node Types. At that point we'll have likely specific 
> implementations for Jackrabbit etc.

I see. Maybe it is possible to put the Jackrabbit part in child classes etc 
to make a migration to another Java CR easeir.

>> Does anyone know how long it would take to build/finish the bridge?
> How can we know that?

You must have made estimates. Otherwise I can say offhand that it will take 
longer to bukd the brigde then write a PHP CR ;-)

 > But I would guess that implementing 90% of the
> interfaces will take something like a week and the rest 10% might take 
> some weeks or even months if big problems arise.

Ok. Noone ever knows the unknown, but if the 10% are such an uncalculable 
risk that you consider months for fixing it I wonder if the Java bridge is 
the right thing.

> However, I think that it can be achievable having a working connector 
> until end of this year if we really work on it.

I'm still focussing on getting on with 4.x. I don't have the time for 
unpaid endeavours as rewriting TYPO3 in general and I don't believe in the 
CR. But that's only me. Seems to me that for this 5.x effort a new 
generation of TYPO3 devs is needed. New in the meaning of new-in-the-team 
and also young-enough-to-have-plenty-of-spare-time.


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