[TYPO3-50-general] Thoughts on UML tools for TYPO3 V5

Dan Frost dan at 3ev.com
Fri Nov 17 10:44:58 CET 2006

Robert + all,

Quick update below. I expect to publish this within a week or so.

I have built the code to parse PHP into a model which can be used to
generate XMI, and I have got XMI going to a model and then into PHP...

- PHP -> Model -> XMI
- XMI -> Model -> PHP

The CLI works very simply. j5 is the command line program.

This line creates a model file (currently, serialized object but I want
to serialize to XML):
	j5	model	/source/to/model 	output.obj

These lines make XMI and PHP from the model
	j5	make	output.obj	/path/to/new/source/dir
	j5	make	output.obj	someFile.xmi

This line compares two sources/files/objects to see what elements have
changed - e.g. functions added, methods moved, files moved, classes

	j5	compare	[source 1] 	[source 2]
	j5	compare output.obj	/path/to/src
	j5	compare	myFile.xmi	/path/to/src

And this (which I'm working on at the moment) merges one model into another
	j5	merge 	[merge into]	[merge from]
	j5	merge	myModel.xmi	/path/to/src

...More to follow...


Robert Lemke wrote:
> Hi Dan,
> sorry for the delay ...
> Dan Frost wrote:
>> I've spent a little time thinking about UML tools for the development of
>> TYPO3 v5.
>> What do you think?
> A code generator as you propose it can be very useful for creating
> certain kinds of components. It would be something like the kickstarter
> on steroids and could enable people to create clean code respecting the
> architecture and allow them to create flexible applications at the same
> time.
> As for the TYPO3 5.0 base components, which we develop at the moment, I
> don't think that code generation can help us - we'd actually need many
> of the components we're creating as a basis for the code generator.
> However, what we do need already is a good tool to parse the PHP5 code
> and create nice UML diagrams from it.
> So, I'm all in favour of following your idea, it will make TYPO3
> component development much faster and easier.
> If I look at the roadmap [1], it would make sense creating the final
> version of your tool after the third milestone because we need to know
> how the frontend libraries will look like.
> Great ideas!
> robert
> [1] http://typo3.org/teams/5.0-development/roadmap/

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