[TYPO3-50-general] Re: [TYPO3-5.0] Open Jobs

"Kitsunet (Christian Müller)" christian at kitsunet.de
Thu Nov 2 19:46:30 CET 2006


Sebastian Kurfuerst wrote:
> Hi,
> we need your participation to make TYPO3 5.0 reality!
> That is a list of open jobs which need to be done at first to get started:
> Development Infrastructure Team
> ===============================
>     * We'd need a SVN server as "scratchpad" - maybe we should use
>       another sourceforge project for that? Any comments? I would not
>       use the "typo3" SF project because TYPO3 4 is a completely
>       seperate branch.
>     * Then, we need a server which can do automated unit tests, and it
>       would maybe make sense to have a public testing instance where
>       everybody can play around with jackrabbit and our code.
>     * Some automated scripts to install jackrabbit are needed to make
>       sure more people can test our code.
>     * [Your idea here!]

Would like to join this team. I am willing to give up some big parts of
my dedicated debian server if needed. I would like to contribute to
version 5 but I am not that great a programmer so maybe this team is the
right place for me. If you have different ideas how I could help just
drop me a line. Also if you need more input about my skills.



> TYPO3 Content Repository Team
> =============================
>     * If you have PHP and/or java knowledge, that's the right place for
>       you! At first, we will use Jackrabbit as a JSR-170 implementation,
>       so we need to build up unit tests for Jackrabbit.
>     * We will access jackrabbit via the PHP-Java-Bridge. We have to make
>       sure that no java related code is placed in the test cases, as we
>       want to apply them to our own implementation lateron.
>     * There is already some code ready, which can be found at
>       projects.niekom.de/t3-gimme-5/trunk/ - We might use this code as a
>       basis.
> We are all hoping for your participation, without you, TYPO3 5.0 won't
> become reality. Please just respond to this posting if you are
> interested in any of these jobs!
> Let's get started!
> Greets, Sebastian

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