[TYPO3-50-general] General thoughts/ docbook

Martin Ficzel martin.ficzel at gmx.de
Wed Nov 15 09:52:42 CET 2006

Johannes Reichardt schrieb:

> After a quick research i found this thingy which seems to produce ok 
> results pretty flexible:
> http://tools.wikimedia.de/~magnus/wiki2xml/w2x.php

i already played with this tool and i have to say that it's far from 
beeing complete and well documented. it works(mostly) but for real world 
usage it would have to be developed much further. not a big deal but 
somneone has to do it.

i personally also thougt about using a wiki as documentation base since 
many extensions are not well documented. another option would be to 
create custum documentations by writing an index and leaving out all the 
chapters wich are irrelevant for the corrent customer.

the extension provides something like that but it hardly works. and at 
least no correct index is generated.

regards Martin

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