[TYPO3-project-seminars] Selecting a specific date of a topic in frontend?

Mario Rimann typo3-coding at rimann.org
Wed Jul 30 10:58:34 CEST 2008

Hi Dittmar

Andre Dittmar schrieb:
> I've changed the eventlist to a topiclist. Now I've got a list of all 
> topics. When I click a topic, I see some data of the topic, but I can't 
> see the dates. Probably I still have to configure this?

Just have a look into the documentation. Maybe that part of the detail 
view ist just hidden and needs to be "enabled" within the TypoScript 
configuration of the plugin. Search for hideFields or similar in the 
manual of the extension (in the configuration reference)

> Anyway, I guess 
> there will be no way to select then a specific date out of this list in 
> the detailview? You know, something with radiobuttons like this:
>  (snipped)
> or the same without radiobuttons, but with normal textlinks which will 
> also start the reservation process for the selected date.

Well, the list of dates within the topic's detail view will show a 
column with a registration link that's unique for each date record. So 
if you just hide all other columns except date + registration, this 
might be the solution for you.

> That's ok, I used this as example like: Employee A books this Workshop 
> at the september 2nd, Employee B books this Workshop at the october 3rd. 
> I know that I've could already realize this with single events. But this 
> approach may be more handy to use in front- and backend, because all the 
> event dates have the same attributes and basic information.

I think you're doing it the correct way with topic and date records. 
That's exactly the scenario why we invented these different event types 
(complete / topic / date records).

> Do you have a rough idea about the complexity for implementing something 
> like this?

I still don't get, what you want to change...? The topic/date feature is 
fully implemented since longer time.

Are you talking about something like a shopping cart where you can book 
several registrations at once?


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