[TYPO3-project-seminars] Selecting a specific date of a topic in frontend?

Andre Dittmar typo3 at hotbytes.de
Wed Jul 30 17:11:38 CEST 2008

Hello Mario

Thanks for your advices so far and sorry for asking again:

>> I've changed the eventlist to a topiclist. Now I've got a list of all
>> topics. When I click a topic, I see some data of the topic, but I  
>> can't
>> see the dates. Probably I still have to configure this?
> Just have a look into the documentation. Maybe that part of the detail
> view ist just hidden and needs to be "enabled" within the TypoScript
> configuration of the plugin. Search for hideFields or similar in the
> manual of the extension (in the configuration reference)

The value of the parameter hideFields is still the default setting. So  
anything except the fields "credit_points" and "eventsnextday" should  
be shown. This is true for the "Event List", but in the "Topic List" I  
haven't the timeslots or even a link to the registration.

>> Anyway, I guess
>> there will be no way to select then a specific date out of this  
>> list in
>> the detailview? You know, something with radiobuttons like this:
>> (snipped)
>> or the same without radiobuttons, but with normal textlinks which  
>> will
>> also start the reservation process for the selected date.
> Well, the list of dates within the topic's detail view will show a
> column with a registration link that's unique for each date record. So
> if you just hide all other columns except date + registration, this
> might be the solution for you.

That's exact the feature what I'm missing so far. I tried both "Topic  
List" and "Event List". In the topic list I only have few informations  
and no timeslots. In the event list, I see the table timeslots, but  
without any unique link to registration. I only have a registration  
link in the bottom of the page, which opens the registration form.

I also haven't found anything more information in the manual about  
such a feature... Do you need some further information form me?

Thanks in advance,

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