[TYPO3-project-seminars] Selecting a specific date of a topic in frontend?

Andre Dittmar typo3 at hotbytes.de
Wed Jul 30 10:19:06 CEST 2008

Hello Mario,

> One approach could be to show a topic list to the visitors. This list
> will only show all topics (but not all single dates per topic). When  
> the
> visitor then clicks the title of one topic, a single view for this  
> topic
> will be shown - including a list of all available dates for this  
> sort of
> event.
> May be that's what you're looking for...?

I've changed the eventlist to a topiclist. Now I've got a list of all  
topics. When I click a topic, I see some data of the topic, but I  
can't see the dates. Probably I still have to configure this? Anyway,  
I guess there will be no way to select then a specific date out of  
this list in the detailview? You know, something with radiobuttons  
like this:

Workshop: Typo3 Introduction

Category: IT

Price: 250,- Euro

Specialprice: 150,- Euro

( ) 21.08. 2008
( ) 02.09. 2008
(o) 20.09. 2008
( ) 03.10. 2008

Description: Bla bla bla...

-> Start booking (Link to reservation form)

or the same without radiobuttons, but with normal textlinks which will  
also start the reservation process for the selected date.

> But there is no way yet, to directly book multiple events in one
> registration process (different persons for different dates). You'll
> have to book them separately.

That's ok, I used this as example like: Employee A books this Workshop  
at the september 2nd, Employee B books this Workshop at the october  
3rd. I know that I've could already realize this with single events.  
But this approach may be more handy to use in front- and backend,  
because all the event dates have the same attributes and basic  

Do you have a rough idea about the complexity for implementing  
something like this?

Best regards,

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