[TYPO3-project-seminars] broken german umlauts in csv export

Pat pizpat at gmx.de
Wed Dec 17 18:29:47 CET 2008

Hi Niels,

are you sure, that 
plugin.tx_seminars.charsetForCsv = xx 
really works?
It seems to me that it has no effect.

Whatever I do with this

charsetForCsv = ISO-8859-1
charsetForCsv = ISO-8859-15
or the default utf-8 

OpenOfficeCalc shows the umlauts correctly imported with utf-8 and wrong with the other formats.
Should'nt it show it correctly with ISO-8859-1 when exported with this charset?

By the way: I don't find the "import"-function in Excel. Under data there's only "open"

Kind regards

Niels Pardon schrieb:
> Hi Patricia,
> I asked because I had the same problem with Excel and I still did not
> find a good solution.
> One way to tell Excel to use UTF-8 as charset is not open the CSV
> directly but to import it using the import-function from the data menu.
> My conclusion was that CSV is probably not the best format for our
> export. Maybe some XML would be better. But an XML export has to be
> implemented first.
> Greets,
> Niels
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