[TYPO3-project-seminars] question about the use of html templates

Mario Rimann typo3-coding at rimann.org
Mon Aug 28 00:23:51 CEST 2006

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Hi Martin

Martin Keck schrieb:
> Indeed, I am a programmer, but I wonder if in this case the work would
> be worth it.

I think it will! As many other features within this extension, they are
switched off by default, or configured to do just small changes. But if
a user needs them, they can be activated with just a small change to the
configuration settings.

But you're right: That feature is not *the-one-and-only-killer-feature*
that would make the seminars extension unique in the world :-))

> The solution you mentioned sounds not so bad. Though it's not so neat,
> it should do it. The only thing to do would be, to change the template
> for the list view so that the list looks as one.

means just remove the header of the second list?

> Secondly I think, there had to be done some more changes to the whole
> extension, as there should be the possibility to select different
> templates in the plugin options of the list view, according to the event
> period of time chosen. I suppose this would mean more than a few lines
> of code... ;) Unless you hard code it, but...

As I understand, you're just talking about visual difference between
current, upcoming and past events, right? That should be possible with
some CSS classes that get added to the outputted HTML. Some more lines
of code will be needed to change for this :-)

> I'll see, maybe I'll do the patch (are you a maintainer of the
> extension?), if it won't work the way I think could (I don't have much
> time right now either - but otherwise who has...? ;)

I'm one of the two: Oliver Klee has initially started this extension and
I joined him to work on that project.

Please read the "how can I help" section in the extension's manual. We
described the workflow we're using to develop. One important thing is:
use the bugtracker! That's the central place to coordinate all work that
need's to be done. If you have features you want to include (like the
above), open up a bug report. Longer discussions about the bugs should
be held in the newsgroup, the resuls/descisions should then be noted
into the bug report.

I'll really appreciate if you could make a patch and upload it to the
bugtracker. Either Oliver or I will have a look on it.

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