[TYPO3-english] Manual sorting of news items (News system, tx_news)

Dennis Hoffland d.o.hoffland at tele2.nl
Tue Jan 16 23:34:17 CET 2018


I've installed the News system extension (tx_news, version 6.1.1) on CMS 8.7.9 and am now trying to sort my news items in the FE.

The option "Enable manual sorting of news records" has been enabled in the Extention Manager.

I've changed the ranking of the news records in my storage folder using the Extended view.

My TS setup contains the following code on the rendering page:

orderByAllowed = sorting,author,uid,title,teaser,author,tstamp,crdate,datetime,categories.title

Are these steps sufficient to rearrange the news items in the FE or are additional changes necessary? So far, I see no effect on the FE.

Kind regards,


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