[TYPO3-english] Output Text on Field Change

Sascha Urbansky sascha.urbansky at t-online.de
Wed Jan 17 14:07:31 CET 2018

Hi there,

i have got a small problem.

I have an extension with a date field.

There is a list with events for a full year and I want to group them by month.

To do that I want to output a headline which contains the Month and on each change of a month in a date field a new headline should be printed.

How can I manage that?

Is there an easy way?

The Actual Code looks like this:

<f:link.action action="show" arguments="{operation:operation}" pageUid="{settings.operationSinglePid}">
<td width="70px">[{operation.number}]</td>
<td width="170px"> <f:if condition="{operation.begin}">
                                {operation.begin -> f:format.date(format:'d.m.Y, H:i \U\h\r')}
<td width="260px">Stichwort: 

<f:for each="{operation.type}" as="stichwort">

<td width="300px"> <f:if condition="{operation.location}">

Regards and thank you

Sascha Urbansky    

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