[TYPO3-english] New Aimeos E-Commerce Extension Version 18.1.0

Aimeos aimeos at aimeos.org
Tue Jan 16 10:35:11 CET 2018

Hi there

The Aimeos e-commerce extension 18.1.0  for TYPO3 are now available. This is a major release and contains some breaking changes.

In short, the new version contains:
- Twitter Bootstrap based frontend layout
- Three new sales charts in admin dashboard
- Vue.js for rendering address/image/price/property/text lists in the admin interface
- ExtJS admin expert mode has been finally removed
- Pass PSR-7 objects in updateSync() method of service providers
- New updatePush() method to store pushed status updates in service providers
- Allow several delivery/payment options per order
- Service decorator for quantity based costs
- Attributes, media, prices and texts include referenced items by default
- Templates have been renamed to "...-standard.php"

As long awaited by many Aimeos integrators, the HTML templates now use the Twitter Bootstrap CSS framwork for styling where possible. This makes it easier to adapt existing Bootstrap themes to Aimeos based e-commerce applications.

Futher efforts have been put into the Aimeos administration interface. The dashboard contains three new charts for a quick overview of sales by day, weekday and month. Furthermore, panels that contains address/image/price/property/text lists use the Vue.js Javascript framework for rendering the templates. This reduced the size of some templates up to 40%. And finally the ExtJS expert mode and all related ExtJS code is finally gone!

The delivery and payment service provider interface got an overhaul and now use different methods to handle updates sent along with customer redirects and those initiated by the gateway in an asynchronous way. They both use PSR-7 request/response objects directly to access the passed data and return the header and content information required by the remote gateway.

Starting with this version, each order can contain more than one delivery and payment option. This is especially usefull for split deliveries and market places where bought products will be sent by several vendors. Also, a new decorator for service options is available that calculates the (delivery) costs based on the product quantities and some configurable rules.

In the Aimeos core itself, additional data referenced by attributes, media, prices and texts is now fetched automatically which especially simplifies the HTML clients and templates. And finally, all templates have been renamed from "...-default.php" to "...-standard.php" to match the corresponding class names.

This version is a beta release: https://aimeos.org/project/roadmap/
For upgrades, please have a look at the backward incompatible changes: https://aimeos.org/docs/Developers/Changelog

You can install the new version using composer or from TER. Documentation for the first steps is available in our Wiki: https://aimeos.org/docs/Home

All source code is available at GitHub: https://github.com/aimeos

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