[TYPO3-english] AMP pages, amp-img instead of img src from RTE

Bernd Wilke t3n at pi-phi.de
Thu Jan 21 08:09:45 CET 2016

Am 20.01.2016 um 19:56 schrieb Jan Slusarczyk:

>  >
>  > the other Solution: disable images in RTE at all.
>  > there are not much (serious) usages you can use images in the RTE which
>  > are not possible with the std- Img&Text CE.
>  > Your editors may need to split up longer text to insert images to
>  > different position in the text.
> That's what I was thinking for new pages. Problem lies with the old ones
> - I have 3000 pages, and 60% of them may have an image put inside RTE
> content. Oh my...
> I hoped there's a way to 'hijack' the rendering of an img tag coming
> from RTE.

I think you missed something:
the inserting of images is not done at rendering time (when a page is 
called and/or the cache is filled), but when the editor is saing his 
work: RTE images are not stored in a special field but the HTML-Tag for 
the image is stored mid between all the other text. so there is no 
(easy) possibility to chnage the rendering afterwards. alos there is no 
hint to the original image as only a reference to the final image is 

all that is the reason you should avoid enabling editors to insert 
images in the RTE.


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