[TYPO3-english] AMP pages, amp-img instead of img src from RTE

Jan Slusarczyk jan.slusarczyk at gmail.com
Wed Jan 20 19:56:43 CET 2016

 > AFAIK you can only do it if you modify the JS-Source of the editor. What
 > you will not want to do.

Right. I definitely don't want to...

 > the other Solution: disable images in RTE at all.
 > there are not much (serious) usages you can use images in the RTE which
 > are not possible with the std- Img&Text CE.
 > Your editors may need to split up longer text to insert images to
 > different position in the text.

That's what I was thinking for new pages. Problem lies with the old ones 
- I have 3000 pages, and 60% of them may have an image put inside RTE 
content. Oh my...

I hoped there's a way to 'hijack' the rendering of an img tag coming 
from RTE.


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