[TYPO3-english] Re: Connection problem - pagetree not rendered - https - load balancing

Roberto Demontis r.demontis at neatec.it
Mon Jan 18 12:01:57 CET 2016

Hi Raj,

thank you very much for your answer. Unfortunately the problem still persists.
I started keeping alive only one web server. Then I connected to the web server via remote control, opened "localhost/?phpinfo=1" page from wamp installation to see the REMOTE_ADDR variable value (::1)  and put it on "reverseProxyIP" variable through Typo3 install tool. Finally i modified the "reverseProxyHeaderMultiValue" variable to "first".
But it doesn't work, i tried also using the real local ip and, above all, using the ip of the load balancer because it seems more appropriate to me.
But no one of these trials solved the problem.

Do you have any other suggestion?

Thanks again!


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