[TYPO3-english] typo3_src-4.0, backend problems after migration.

Pawel Ziobro zioper at gmail.com
Tue Apr 5 10:56:39 CEST 2016

Dear colleagues,

i have a problem with  typo3_src-4.0 (yes i know it's old but that's the version i have to work with).

I have perfectly working version on RHEL5, but the problems start with moving the app to the RHEL7.

I guess there are some PHP differences, but i do not know how to fix them.

I moved the whole app directory, dumped the db and restored appropriately on the new server.

The main changes are 

mysql -> mariadb,


PHP 5.1.6 -> PHP 5.4.16

Most of the Typo3 looks ok, the problem starts when i try to enter backend.

At login screen i get 

"charSet. $charSet = $this->initCharset(); $generator = $this->generator(); // For debugging: If this outputs "QuirksMode"/"BackCompat" (IE) the browser runs in quirks-mode. Otherwise the value is "CSS1Compat" # $this->JScodeArray[]='alert(document.compatMode);'; // Send HTTP header for selected charset. Added by Robert Lemke 23.10.2003 header ('Content-Type:text/html;charset='.$this->charset); switch($this->docType) { case 'xhtml_strict': $headerStart= ' charset.'"?> '; break; case 'xhtml_trans': $headerStart= ' charset.'"?> '; break; case 'xhtml_frames': $headerStart= ' charset.'"?> '; break; default: $headerStart=''; break; } $tabJScode = ''; if (!$GLOBALS['BE_USER']->uc['disableTabInTextarea']) { // This loads the tabulator-in-textarea feature. It automatically modifies every textarea which is found. $tabJScode = ''; $tabJScode.= ''; } // Construct page header. $str = $headerStart.' '.$charSet.' '.$generator.' '.$this->docStyle().' '.$this->JScode.' '.$tabJScode.' '.$this->wrapScriptTags(implode("\n", $this->JScodeArray)).' '; $this->JScode=''; $this->JScodeArray=array(); if ($this->docType=='xhtml_frames') { return $str; } else $str.=$this->docBodyTagBegin(). ($this->divClass?'
':'').trim($this->form); return $str; } } ?> "

I did have a problem with language so i forced UTF-8 in localconf

" $TYPO3_CONF_VARS['BE']['forceCharset'] = 'utf-8'; "

It only gets worse if i actually log in.

97% of the screen gets occupied by the code, and the remaining 3% show a table and a few icons.

Any ideas ?

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