[TYPO3-english] RTE, images: How do I change height/width values?

mario chiari ml at mariochiari.net
Mon Apr 4 16:08:54 CEST 2016


when I RTE-insert a image into a text content element, I am not able to fill in
height and width with higher values than "428", resp. "300". 
(I can do with smaller values):

<p class="bodytext"><img data-htmlarea-clickenlarge="1"
src="/fileadmin/_processed_/csm_MyName_f6ca747958.jpg" style="border-style:
solid; border- float: none;" height="428" width="300" alt="AAA" title="aaa" />

I have set

styles.content.imgtext {
    maxW = 1920
    maxWInText = 1920

but it does not seem to help. 

Also,  clickenlarge does not work (could it be so because I have Bootstrap's .js
on the same page?)

What am i missing? is there a fix to show the picture with its own sizes?

Your help is welcome

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