[TYPO3-english] Advice needed for creating a new version of an existing website

bernd wilke t3ng at bernd-wilke.net
Mon Mar 30 10:11:31 CEST 2015

Am 28.03.15 um 10:04 schrieb Mattia B:
> Hi, I'm very new with Typo3.
> I've been hired to build the new version of a website currently based on
> typo3 4.2.x.
> All functionality currently implemented should also be available in the
> new website.
> My job is to a) add some functionality and b) remake the website graphics.
> I was evaluating the option of:
> - reusing the current codebase
> - update typo3 (and extensions) to 6.2
> - implement new functionality
> - remake the templates
> I'm encountering a lot of issues in upgrading.
> Particularly the fact that the website is currently depending on old
> extensions (templavoilà, dam, ..).
> My questions are:
> - would it be better starting from scratch? (current website has a lot
> of data which should be reimported/remapped somehow)
> - is 6.2 a good version to go with or is it already getting old?
> - in the case of reusing part of the current codebase is it feasible to
> switch the template engine and what engine would you suggest?

as you are not experienced with older and new versions of TYPO3 it will 
be a very complex job to decide best strategy for you.

as each update deeply depends on the used extensions it is a very 
individual descision what to do.
while most enstensions may be updated to work with 6.2 you may need to 
update your data according to the extension.
you also will find extensions you does not need with 6.2 or you will 
have better extensions to fulfill needs older extensions were included for.
the biggest problems will be individual extensions not included in TER 
and where the author has no longer a connection to TYPO3. This means you 
have to understand that extension and update the extension to work with 6.2

and you have at least two big extensions who will give you a lot of work:
templavoilà and dam:
so templavoilà has been released in a new version, the recommandation 
is: try to work without it. that may be easy like just deinstall it and 
do a few marker-mappings, that can be very complicated if a lot of 
flexible Content elements with totaly new layouts are used.

the same with dam:
you need to convert all data to FAL (+ ext:media). depending on the 
intensity dam was used this can be easy to very complex

in general the recommandation might be:
have a new installation, so you only need to learn TYPO3 6.2


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