[TYPO3-english] pcsimiletimeline: has anyone experience with this EXT?

Stephan Bernhard grac at freemailer.ch
Sat Mar 28 09:08:33 CET 2015

hi list

i try to make the EXT pcsimiletimeline (version 0.1.1, 15.03.2012) work 
on my installation (TYPO3 4.5.32).
install was easy and simple.

but entering certain data is a pain:

some date entry are just not accepted, f.e. 1.1.1900 for "Band" and for 
an "Entry". if a date is not accepted, it just fills in the current date.
or there is an error message when trying to save the entry.

and changing the date view from US form to the european form seems not 
to be possible.

i contacted the author of this EXT.
but he didn't react in two month's time.

so i ask this list if anyone has experienced the same problem.
and has probably solved it?

thanks for any hint and help

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