[TYPO3-english] TYPO3 ExtBase and Redirects

Jigal van Hemert jigal.van.hemert at typo3.org
Mon Mar 16 20:35:58 CET 2015


The subject line mentions ExtBase and in the rest of the post you 
mention pibase. I assume you use pibase because you also mention the 
main() function.

On 16/03/2015 16:50, Alex Nostadt wrote:
> I have an issue regarding too many redirects.
> I figured out that when adding "die("asdasdas");" to the first line of
> the main-function it won't be triggered. This is very weird as I have
> learned that the main-function is the first function that will be
> triggered by TYPO3. Is there anything I don't know about pibase in that
> context?

Pibase extensions still work. It is very hard to say anything about the 
code without seeing it. But you can start debugging yourself by removing 
almost everything; just the class variables and an empty main() 
function. This should at least remove the redirect issue.
You can then slowly bring back additional functions and piece by piece 
add parts of the main() function until the redirects re-appear. Perhaps 
there are calls to API functions which cause the redirects?

> I have asked in the irc channel #typo3 but noone replied yet.

We started using slack as instant communication channel a while ago. 
Although it's technically necessary to be invited (that's the way slack 
teams work) it's open to the entire community. You can get an automatic 
invitation by registering at http://forger.typo3.org/slack
Slack can be used in a browser, but there are also free apps for various 
mobile platforms. You'll find various channels, but "typo3-cms" is the 
general channel.

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