[TYPO3-english] TYPO3 ExtBase and Redirects

Alex Nostadt ano at tro.net
Mon Mar 16 16:50:44 CET 2015

Hello TYPO3ler

I have an issue regarding too many redirects.

That's what I am working with:
- A development server with one typo3 instance managing multiply domains
- The extension is developed in pibase
- The extension is used in a TYPO3 6.2.9 version by now and works (so far)

Very first steps this morning:
1. Today I was checking every page of one domain and made a list with things to fix
2. Based on the list I started to fix the points on the list.

Started to fix:
I started to fix some bugs in the plugin I have the redirecting issue with. At least I thought I would do so. My browser cached the page and I did not notice the redirect. It is definitely the plugin due to the fact when disabling it the page will be displayed.

Of course I made some researches and found possible solutions such as re-creating the plugin, creating a new page and truncating realurl_pathcache table but none of them fixed my problem. In the plugin class is no term such as "header" or "redirect".

I figured out that when adding "die("asdasdas");" to the first line of the main-function it won't be triggered. This is very weird as I have learned that the main-function is the first function that will be triggered by TYPO3. Is there anything I don't know about pibase in that context?

I have asked in the irc channel #typo3 but noone replied yet.

Any help is appreciated :)

Kind regards,

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