[TYPO3-english] Fault in Mailinglist Archives(?)

bernd wilke t3ng at bernd-wilke.net
Mon Jul 13 08:43:26 CEST 2015

Am 12.07.15 um 05:59 schrieb David Bruchmann:
> Having downloaded some archives of the mailinglists I remarked that -
> if I'm not wrong - some characters like Umlauts are just shown as "?"
> while on the original lists they are shown right.
> Having verified the downloaded Archives I never find any fault in
> decoding, so I assume it must be a fault in encoding.
> I'd like being able to download the original archives without faults
> in encoding but first I'm not sure if I never made a fault and second
> I don't know where to address it.

meanwhile this communication is mirrored with mailinglist, newsgroup and 
in earlier times the postings were also available as webpages from 
different sources, so google was able to index all that information.

if you want an complete archive of all postings ever done you might use 
a newsreader and download all groups and all postings as there are no 
(meaningful) postings deleted ever.

for the coding:
as there were multiple systems involved the possibility to fail the 
correct encodings might appear on every data transmission.
so today utf-8 is a common encoding this was not always so and still 
some software does not use it as default.

you may try the forum for special messages to see whether they are wrong 
coded. I think the display in browsers is the most stable software 
involved to show messages transfered between newsgroup, mailinglist and 
forum (and mailprograms and newsreader the biggest failure producents)


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