[TYPO3-english] Moving from subdomain to root

bernd wilke t3ng at bernd-wilke.net
Fri Nov 15 09:00:26 CET 2013

Am 14.11.13 17:26, schrieb Luis E. Suarez:
> Hi all,
> I have googled on how to move a TYPO3 site from subdirs to root.  No way.
> I have upgraded a medium size (less than 5000 pages) TYPO3 4.1 site into
> 6.1.  I did the job on a subdomain in order to avoid disturbing the old
> 4.1 site while working in the new one.  The new one is a carbon copy of
> the old one with same templates and old plugins, plus new ones and some
> revamping.  By the way, to reduce the stress (and size) in the MySQL
> server each TYPO3 page fetches content from formatted text files and
> pics (lots of URL's). Everything is working just fine.  Now the problem
> is how to move the new subdomain (www.subdomain.example.com) to the root
> (www.example.com).
> I can figure out two methods, redirecting with .htaccess and
> searching/replacing all the URL's in the database. First, redirecting is
> scary due to the site's complexity and second, replacing URL's in the
> database is time consuming and puts the site useless during the whole
> process.
> Is there any other recommended possibility? Symlink perhaps?  I have
> never used symlinks and really don't know how they work for sure.
> Any advice will be appreciated.

normaly in TYPO3 the domain should be defined in one place and inserted 
in all places, so a change in the domain has to be done in one place.

but you may have multiple definions. these may be:
- domain-records
- constants in Typoscript which is used in:
- config.baseURL= / config.absRefPrefix=
- realurl: the configuration-file

also a domain can be hardcoded in the data (external links which do not 
care about a valid domain or matching to the 'current' domain)
This may be cleaned with a replace in the last step.

the other configuration needed is the apache (or ...): the assigning of 
domain to folder, any redirects, ... must match.


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